Adventures in Cotsco (not a typo)

Have I mentioned that we don’t have a car here yet?  We ran into complications when we tried to ship it, so it sits, waiting, at our dear friends’ house in Virginia, until we get the paperwork and then they will ship it to us.  Once it ships, it could still take up to four months to get to us.

So, in the meantime, we use buses, the metro, and taxis. 

Today we decided to take a taxi to stock up at Costco.  We walked to the main street, about a quarter of a mile from our house, and hailed a taxi.  Horatio asked the driver if he knew “Costco.”  The driver was puzzled, so Horatio took out his phone and brought it up on google maps, which shows addresses in English and Mandarin.  We laughed when the driver said, “OH! Cotsco.”  This led to a quick exchange to clarify that here, Costco is pronounced Cotsco. 

30 minutes later, we pulled up to said Costco/Cotsco.  The store opens at 10:00 but the doors actually open at 9:30, officially, and you can checkout at 10:00, but it is so busy that when we arrived at 9:30, people were already walking out with purchases.  I’m not sure what time they actually let people in, but I am sure that I’ve never experienced a busier Costco or Cotsco than the one in the Neihu district of Taipei, Taiwan.

We meandered through the aisles and, just like we would back home, came across many people handing out samples.  Imagine our surprise when we saw that Cotsco in Taipei was featuring Mogen David wine today, as well as several whiskeys, which were available to sample at 10:00 in the morning.  When in Rome Taipei!


Whiskey sample lady and Horatio. She was happy to hand us samples, in any volume, but not so happy to have her photo taken.


My “on the sly” photography needs some practice… 2 bottles of Mogen David Kosher wine for $389 NT (New Taiwan dollars), which is $13 US.

IMG_5580 This was my fourth trip to Costco since we arrived in Taiwan 3 1/2 weeks ago.  I’m gradually figuring out what we need to keep us happy and healthy in our new home, so my trips are more efficient each time.  Shopping at Costco is great because we can find some of the comforts of home, but it’s very expensive.  I wanted to buy tortilla chips because the boys really like nachos.  The bag of chips cost $8 US, though, and I just couldn’t do it.  As it was, we spent $580 US on our overflowing cart of goods!  Moving to a new place is always expensive and here we use cash for everything, so it feels like we are bleeding money.  Seeing a total of about $17,400 NT caused a shock to my system, but it’s part of the process, I guess. 

They sell rotisserie chicken here, just like in the US… EXCEPT that the chicken comes – with – the – head – still – on!  We passed on that one.

If you look carefully, you can see the head and neck curved toward its back.  Not a happy sight for this vegetarian!

If you look carefully, you can see the head and neck curved toward its back. Not a pleasant sight for this vegetarian!

We should be set for a while.  I’d like to avoid going back any time soon.  Plus, Horatio is leaving town, again, and without access to his office’s banking services, I’ll have to make due with the cash I have on hand, which isn’t a lot.  Taxis up and down the mountain on which we live cost about $9 ($265 NT) each way and I’ll be doing it at least 3 times this week, so I’ll have to watch my NT$!

About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a writer, editor, teacher, and (Autism) mom.
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2 Responses to Adventures in Cotsco (not a typo)

  1. Rick says:

    Every move must seem like you’re negotiating a maze.


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