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Book Review: Nautical Alphabet

Being from a Navy family, I jumped at the chance to review Kate Fosson’s new book, Nautical Alphabet. When I opened the package with the book, I saw right away that it would be a big hit with my 4 … Continue reading

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I’d prefer not to have to wear glasses but since I do wear them, I view them as a fashion accessory.  They are not just something with which to see better.  I change my glasses as often as I change … Continue reading

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My Chinese Son- Thoughts about Multiculturalism

No, Harold is not adopted.  He was born in China, the biological child of my husband and me, while we were stationed at the American Embassy in Beijing. People often ask, upon hearing that he was born in China, if … Continue reading

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What to do, What to do

One thing I’ve always done, every since Horatio first started traveling for extended periods of time, 20 years ago, is redecorate to pass the time. It all started when we lived in Scotland.  Newly married and isolated in a small … Continue reading

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