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Casting Call for Military Families!

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Medical Care in a Foreign Land… Update

After seeing 4 specialists, and 2 family doctors, and getting no answers as to why young Bob has had a sore throat for going on 6 months, we are being medevaced to a US Military hospital. Most likely, Bob will … Continue reading

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Fitness Nutrition Delivered Monthly

The founders of Fit Snack contacted me to ask if I’d like to try their product.  I am working out a lot and feel healthy, so I’d like to stay that way.  Fit Snack seemed like a good fit with … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Battle Plan for Transition?

By Jen Pilcher Founder and leader of From The Going Civilian Blog (From | ‎03-03-2015 07:30 AM   There is one guarantee about getting into the military, eventually you will have to get out.  Whether you are retiring, … Continue reading

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Suddenly a Minority in the World of Anonymous Cyber Bullying

Any time we move to a new place, it takes time to find our way.  What I mean by this is making friends is a lot like dating.  Sometimes you know right away if you click with someone, while other … Continue reading

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