Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Is your bathroom so small that it’s hard to imagine it as a place you can call your own personal sanctuary? There is no denying the fact that small bathrooms are challenging to use and to decorate. If your bathroom is dire need of renovations, the good news is there several ways you can transform your cramped, uncomfortable bathroom into a relaxing place to unwind and wash away the stress. Here are a few small bathroom design ideas to help you get started with the transformation.

Choosing Color Schemes

When considering the best color ideas for small bathrooms, it is best to go with light, neutral or pastel hues. Those color palates are some of the best bathroom design trends. Dark colors will make the space feel smaller and more closed in, while light colors will make the space feel larger. Even if you do not have natural light pouring into the bathroom, you can still mimic the feeling of natural light by using sunny tones, such as a pale, warm yellow. It’s also a good idea to change the light bulbs from ones that emit a bright, white light to ones that help to emit a warm glow. You can also install an LED medicine cabinet mirror to get that lighting. Keep in mind that color can be added in ways other than paint, as long as it’s done sparingly. For example, you could use flooring that is slightly darker than the walls.

Shower/Tub, Toilet & Sink

The floor space, not to mention the overall square footage is limited so the fixtures can seem like they are consuming the small space. Fortunately, you can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom by using your creativity when it comes to dealing with the tub, toilet and the sink.

  • Bathtub/ Shower – To make the space the bathtub area feel more open as well as give the space a larger feeling, consider installing a glass shower door, which creates the illusion of a larger bathroom. If there isn’t room in your budget for a glass shower door or you simply prefer to use a shower curtain, choose one that is clear or lighter colored.
  • Sink – Even in small bathrooms, the bathroom sinks are typically installed in a vanity, but this can really decrease the floor space in your already small bathroom. To free up more square footage, get rid of the vanity sink and replace it with either a wall-mount sink or a pedestal sink.
  • Toilet – If your budget allows for toilet, they are available in smaller sizes that will take up less floor space, which will give you more floor space. If a new toilet isn’t in your budget, the more floor area you can see and use, the larger your bathroom will feel, so minimize floor items, such as trashcans, laundry hamper and scales.

41379089 - exclusive white bathroom with bath and shower

To increase the storage in your small bathroom without sacrificing square footage, consider using the vertical space. For example, use over-the-window or over-the-toilet shelves to give you extra storage without sacrificing floor space. It’s also best to keep the decor to a minimum; install as large of a mirror over the sink as you can get by with (it will give the illusion of more space) and use artwork that is simplistic in style.

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