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PTSD Paid Study Needs Volunteers

The National Center for PTSD in Palo Alto, CA is currently running a paid study with the goal of helping couples affected by PTSD.  If you are in a relationship where one member is a veteran affected by PTSD and … Continue reading

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Focus on PTSD- Wounded Warrior and the Dog Who Saved Him

Luis Carlos Montalvan is a 17-year veteran of the US Army who served multiple tours abroad. His decorations include two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, and the Combat Action Badge. In addition to these … Continue reading

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Dogs of War: Rescue Dogs and Veterans Helping Each Other

I usually don’t write about TV shows, though I do get a lot of pitches for them.  Something about my mood lately made me read through an email from a new show’s representative this morning and I am so glad … Continue reading

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Give Yourself a Break

Guest Post Hello, my name is Joe Higgins and I recently finished my latest book, Always Connected for Veterans: Deceased Vets Give Guidance From The Other Side. I wanted to share some of the insight that I have learned from … Continue reading

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Light The Hidden Things- a novel about PTSD

Here is a guest post from my friend, author, Don McQuinn: Erin has very generously offered me a chance to address her friends. I’d like to call your attention to a book called Light The Hidden Things. I particularly want … Continue reading

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