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Making a Missing Ingredient

Spinach lasagna is a family favorite dinner.  I make it with cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese.  I knew, from living in China, that cheese is expensive in Asia, but I was prepared to pay the price.  Finding the ingredients in … Continue reading

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Snakes and a Language Lesson

Last Thursday was a day to remember.  I saw not only one snake, but two, and they were both cobras!  Neither snake was long for this world.  The first was lying, injured, on the road, and the second was a … Continue reading

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A Love Letter To My Friends

I remember singing a song when I was a seven year old Brownie: As I’ve moved- through the years, and around the world, I have made many friends.  Some silver, some gold, but new vs. old is not the division … Continue reading

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Crash and Burn (a little cash)

I’ve described the treacherous driving here on several occasions.  Our family vehicle could only avoid getting dinged up for so long.  It was only a matter of time.  That time passed several months ago, but wasn’t worth mentioning.  What happened … Continue reading

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