The Miracle Season Movie Release

Resilience is an invaluable trait for everyone; for military families, resilience is essential to emotional survival.  Military families are fettered with constant challenges which both necessitate and build resilience in them.  One moment that helped me build my resilience is one I remember very clearly from 16 years ago.

On December 24, 2002, Horatio called to tell me that his ship’s deployment, scheduled for late spring, had been moved up and he was deploying to the Middle East on January 6th, instead.  The ship had just returned from conflict in March of that year, so this was especially heartbreaking news. I was walking through Sears Department Store, after having portraits taken of my then four year old and two year old sons when I got this news. I remember the moment quite vividly. My heart sunk to my gut and I wanted to crumble. But, there I was, in the middle of a store with my two small children, so I stood up straight and continued on my way. I immediately turned my focus to the tasks that  lay before me. We were due to relocate from Bremerton, WA to Leavenworth, KS in less than six months. With Horatio departing for deployment, I had to come up with a plan that would best support our whole family. After hurried, but thoughtful, discussion we decided that the best way to handle this was to quickly arrange to move out of our Washington house and into my parents’ home for the duration of the deployment so that we could easily relocate to Kansas immediately upon his return. This meant multiple phone calls and emails to schedule the movers, transport of our vehicles, and find preschools in my hometown; not to mention mentally preparing for yet another long separation from my husband/ my children’s father. In this case, resilience was key to avoiding a complete breakdown.  The experience required resilience but also helped to build it for future episodes.  An element of resilience is the ability to react with a plan to move forward. By focusing on the way ahead, one can avoid a meltdown and a crippling reaction to a potentially devastating turn of events.  This ability is an invaluably essential skill for military families.  Consciously building this strength can help to fortify military families against the many obstacles thrown their way.

The young women in the true story told in the soon to open movie, The Miracle Season, show great resilience.  The movie is based on the inspiring story of West High School women’s volleyball team.  After the tragic death of the school’s star player, Caroline “Line” Found, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hope of winning the state championship.  It is a story of resilience and strength.


The film opens in theaters on April 6 and stars Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh, and Erin Moriarty.  Don’t miss it!

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On second thought… The Moped

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to revisit an issue I wrote about one year ago.  Last March, soon after Horatio left for three months, Dwight tried to persuade us to let him get a moped for transportation.  Horatio and I gave a firm “no.”

Well, after a great deal of careful consideration, we changed our minds.  We know the dangers, of course, and worry every time he ventures out on the vehicle, but we also trust Dwight not to just be careful, but to be aggressively defensive in his driving.  We are all well aware of the driving hazards in our host country.

Like most 17 year olds, Dwight has a very active life: school, clubs, two sports, girlfriend, etc.  Horatio and I agreed that there is value to Dwight having his own mode of transportation.  If we lived in the US, he’d have access to a car, but that’s not an option here.  In China, a battery operated moped is a common mode of transportation for teenagers and adults, alike.  The speed is limited, as is the distance one can travel.

We sat down and wrote a contract that Dwight signed.  We listed all of the rules, which include: a set radius (about 2 miles) in which he can ride, as well as an agreement to always wear, and fasten, the helmet that we ordered from the US.  Dwight knows that if he ever breaks the rules of safety, he will no longer have access to the moped.  Most people here do not wear helmets when riding mopeds or bikes!  He wears the helmet every time he gets on the moped, even if he is just going a hundred yards.  It’s non-negotiable.

He’s been driving for a few months now, and it has been really nice for him and us.  Dwight has the freedom to do all of the activities, back and forth, that he wants, and we carefully monitor his comings and goings via texts and Apple’s helpful Find Friends app.

I know there is a lot of judgement out there and I’m sure many people will warn me that this was a terrible decision.  For us, though, it feels right, and we will be careful and have faith that Dwight will stay safe.




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A Wrinkle In Time Movie Release- Giveaway

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved when a book I’ve read is made into a movie, and A Wrinkle In Time definitely fits the category.  I can remember reading and re-reading the book throughout my childhood, and now it is a major motion picture with an amazing cast.


From visionary director, Ava DuVernay, comes Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” an epic adventure based on Madeleine L’Engle’s timeless classic that takes audiences across dimensions of time and space, examining the nature of darkness versus light, good versus evil, and ultimately, the triumph of love.  The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, and Storm Reid as “Meg Murry.” A Wrinkle In Time opens in theaters March 9, 2018

An otherworldly stranger appears at the door of the Wallace’s house as Meg, her little brother Charles, and their mom are enjoying a stormy night snack. The stranger was blown off course and tells them about a “tesseract”, which is a wrinkle in time. Meg’s dad had been experimenting with time travel when he suddenly disappeared. Meg, Charles, and their friend Calvin are challenged to outwit the forces of evil as they search through space for Meg and Charles’s father.


I can’t wait to see this film and I have a Fandango Gift Card to give away to one reader to see it, as well! 

Comment on the post with what book you’d like to see made into a movie and I will choose a winner on Sunday, March 11.


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Enough with the Guns


The second amendment is sacred.  Wait… No it’s not.

Life is sacred.  It’s that simple.

Gun laws must be amended and enforced, and gun culture in the US needs to evolve.  Gun advocates will cry foul.  Gun advocates will say the government cannot infringe on their rights to own guns.  According to the Constitution, we have a right to keep and bare arms, but the Constitution does not specify what type of guns.  I’m not an expert on guns, I’m not opposed to individuals owning them responsibly, but I know I’m not alone in my thinking knowledge that citizens should not have a right to own semi-automatic firearms.  Outside of First Responders and the Military, no one needs these weapons.

Too many innocent people: adults and children, have died needlessly due to the easy availability and accessibility of these deadly weapons.  There’s nothing to debate. It is unconscionable that existing gun laws are not enforced. Laws limiting the sale of weapons are already on the books, but they aren’t being administered.  It is a travesty that it’s easier to buy a gun than a six pack of beer in some states.  As a nation, we must insist that our lawmakers change the laws, ban assault weapons and rid them from the open market.  Follow the examples of Great Britain and Australia.  Ban the weapons, rid our society of these mass shooting tragedies.


This is not an argument about mental illness.  That’s a separate discussion.  No one, no matter what their mental health status, should be able to buy a weapon of such destruction.

Tell your Senators and Representatives you will not vote for them if they don’t support and pass new gun legislation that aims to prevent further massacres.

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7 Ways for Military Kids to Say “I Love You” Across the Miles

By Cathleen Karlsson



When you’re a kid, Valentine’s Day usually means: “class party” — an opportunity to deck the classroom walls and desks with an abundance of pink and red heart-shaped cut-outs and frills, amid an assortment of holiday cookies and candies and cupcakes. But when you’re a Military Kid, it can also mean spending time away from someone you love while they’re on deployment.

So how do you share the love with a parent, grandparent, or other family member across the miles? Well, for kids… it’s easier than you may think to pull together a loving sentiment and send it off. All you have to do is look at them, and you’ll know exactly what their loved one would want most from them —a connection.

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started — 7 ways to help your Military Kids show their love from afar — and all of them are totally personal and meaningful.

  1. Mail a Hug

There’s nothing quite like your child’s warm, loving hug. But how can they give one to someone who is too far away to receive it in person? Try this idea: Trace your kids’ hands on felt, cut out the shape and attach to ribbon or string that matches the length of their arms. Then mail it off. Ta-da! Instant hug from afar. Need the full how-to or to get inspired on what can accompany this cute craft? Get instructions here.


  1. Write a Love Letter

Kids really do say some of the most meaningful things. They speak from their hearts without censorship. Why not capture their sentiments in a letter to a parent or family member who is far away? It doesn’t matter if your child is too young to write, have them color in the stationery page. Then, let them dictate their message to you as you write it out for them. Or, let them show off their own penmanship and spelling skills by writing it themselves. Need some cute Valentine’s Day letterhead? Get templates here.


  1. Sing a Song

One way kindergarten kids tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with a school choral program where their parents come listen to cute, love-filled songs in honor of the holiday. But when a parent isn’t there, they miss out on hearing this kind of sentiment. Never fear! You can help your kids learn the songs at home and sing them into a recording device that can be sent to someone who is far away — whether it’s a parent or grandparent or anyone else who matters to them. For a start, check out this classic kids’ showtune: Skinnamarink.


  1. Spread Love from Head to Toe

Kids grow up so fast! Handprints and footprints are a great way to document the different stages of their lives. And, to someone who is far away, it’s also way to help track your kids’ progress and reset expectations for how big they’ll be next time they get to see them. And, for Valentine’s Day, two feet put together just happen to mimic a heart shape that you can use to decorate a card or other lovable project. Get ideas for this DIY here.


  1. Create a Keepsake Keychain

All kids are artists, right? Well… some of the drawings your kids come up with can be spectacularly… interesting. Now you can capture them as a permanent keepsake by having them translated from paper to metal. Imagine a picture of your house drawn by your child, transferred into a lasting gift that be carried wherever you go? Ormaybe a loving saying, or image of a favorite pet? The options are almost endless. See what Formia Design’s shop can do to help your child share the love.


  1. Blow Kisses

When you can’t be there to snuggle up with the one you love, the next best thing just may be to blow a kiss in their direction. This cute creation is another opportunity to trace your child’s hand and let them write out a special message to the parent they are missing. Take a photo of them wearing a holiday-worthy outfit, cut it out and paste it to a card, then apply a cut-out hand to send a loving message that will bridge the miles. Get the complete how-to.




  1. Pick a Lasting Bouquet

Love the beauty of flowers, but wish they lasted longer than a few days? These will! And your kids will love making up a bunch of little pompoms in all sorts of sweet candy colors. Glue them to a stem, wrap the bundle in ribbon, and you’ll have a perfect posy that can be sent off for safe keeping with someone who’s off in faraway places. Get the instructions here, then get crafty!



Cathleen Karlsson is the daughter of a retired Navy Captain. Growing up, she lived with her family in a handful of Midwestern and East Coast states before earning her B.A. in fiction at the University of Pittsburgh. She has worked as a copywriter in several advertising and online media roles, including her current role as the Managing Editor for SpouseLink, created by AAFMAA. Outside the office, Cathleen volunteers with a homeless animal shelter and serves as the marketing manager and a board member for a local ballet company. She enjoys being creative and spending time with her daughter through dance, sewing and crafts, and home decor activities.


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Peace, PTSD and Parades

Our President’s vision of a military parade, which he calls ‘a tribute to American military members and veterans’, if realized, would be more akin to a taunting than a tribute.  Such a display of military force is suitable in Beijing, Moscow or Pyongyang, not Washington DC.  It is simply not the image the United States should project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The United States does not need to show its adversaries the physical might of its military.  Our strength and world leadership are well known across the globe.  To exhibit our Forces in a dramatic display is counterintuitive to the inherent goal of our country.  Not only is the visual exhibition unnecessary, it is vile and not the message we want to send to the world.

What the United States needs to project right now is an image of a powerful peacemaker.  We can do this by keeping our Forces on the front lines to protect the US, as well as others who need our assistance.  American Servicemen and women are stationed around the world, protecting our interests,  and attempting to preserve peace and order.  Such great endeavors require extreme intellectual focus by our leaders, as well as a massive, dedicated, budget.

Our government struggles to finance its current programs.  Funding a multimillion dollar military parade, similar to the $12 million spent on the celebration demonstrating the force of the United States in the Gulf War in 1991, would be an inappropriately huge waste of resources.  Parades such as these are disruptive to the military.  The gross amount of money wasted could go to much needed programs, including our continued international endeavors, as well as ventures to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other war injuries, in present troops and veterans.  Recent analysis shows that the suicide rate of military members and veterans is double that of civilians in the United States.  Our funding and intellectual resources are better spent on these current, critical issues.

A military parade, such as the farce envisioned by our President, requires months of training by thousands of troops, millions of dollars of funding pulled from other efforts, and is a drain on everything in its wake, from the local Washington DC infrastructure and government, to the thousands of troops who would have to refocus their essential training to what amounts to a grand performance.

“… confidence is silent and insecurity is loud,” said Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, when voicing deep opposition to the idea of a parade.  “America is the most powerful country in all of human history; (we) don’t need to show it off.”

The United States of America is better than this potential circus.  We are not a dictatorship.  Our President is neither an autocrat nor a despot.  The American people should stand up and prevent our already fractured image from being dragged deeper into absurdity.

Take a stand.  Contact your Senators and Member of Congress.

Call:  (202) 224-3121

Email: Your Senators

Email: Your Representative


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Finding the Right Fit: Adventures in Application- Testing


Dwight has started his university application process.  He’s our second son, so it’s not my first rodeo, and as we proceed, I feel like I have good information and advice to offer readers.  I’ve learned a lot in the past few years, about testing, applying, essay writing, finding the right fit, financial aid, and taking a gap year.  I’m going to share our journey and hopefully I will help other families, military or not, to successfully navigate the twists and turns of the university quest.

Last week, Dwight and I attended his school’s University Kick-Off.  At this half-day event, the High School Counselors introduced the college process and gave information to arm us with knowledge to not only get into college, but also to find the right fit.  After all, There are countless options for higher education and each student has unique goals, hopes and dreams.  Finding the right fit uses a complicated mix of art and science, and the process cannot be rushed.

Dwight attends an international school, so kids at the Kick Off will eventually go to colleges and universities all over the world.  I am familiar with the United States’s system, so I will focus solely on that.  There’s a school out there for everyone; the goal is to find the perfect one for each young man and woman.  Parents, check yourselves.  Try very hard NOT to influence your child’s decision based on your preconceived notions.  Remember, where he goes is not who he’ll be.  You can buy the book about this topic, and watch the author’s video for further information on that. The name of the university your child attends will not dictate his future, what he does with the four+ years of learning and living will.

I feel like the first step towards higher education is the PSAT.  Most schools offer it to first semester Juniors, and it’s a great tool to gauge a student’s future performance on the SAT, the primary university entrance exam.  When your student receives his PSAT score, he gets an indication of how he might perform on the SAT in the future.  If the score is not where the student wants it to be, he can start prepping for the SAT by using free online resources.  The SAT is a test designed to assess a student’s academic skills.  Don’t rush your kid into taking the SAT.  The test is designed for High School Juniors and Seniors.  Don’t make the mistake of making your kid take the test too early, because it is likely that he isn’t ready and won’t do as well as he will in the future.  Second semester Junior year is an ideal starting point.  I also recommend that students take a practice ACT test.  Generally, students only need the SAT or ACT, not both, as they are both widely accepted by colleges and universities, but by taking practice versions of both, students can make an educated decision as to which test suits them, and therefor, which to pursue.  Practice versions of both tests are available online.

Encourage your child to do independent, casual preparation before taking the test for the first time.  After seeing the results, your child can decide if he wants to do further preparation and testing.  If the test scores and GPA (Grade Point Average) indicate similar levels, the test has done its job.  Counselors advise that students not over prepare for these assessments.  If a student scores very well on the test and has average grades, university admissions staff might wonder why there is such a difference.  Is the kid an underachiever?  Did he study obsessively for the test?  Why?  Once a young person has his scores, he can start to narrow down his list of universities to which he will apply.  Most universities list their range of accepted test scores right on their websites- a helpful tool for finding a good match.

The first step, for any student desiring to go onto higher education, is taking the SAT or ACT.  Student learning and testing styles differ, so comparing performance on both can be very helpful.  Now is the time to register for the SAT or ACT, if your child has not already done so.

If your family has questions that you’d like to see answered here, leave them in the comments or send me an email at CINChomefront (at), with the heading: Adventures in Application.


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The Miracle Season Movie


The Miracle Season, directed by Sean McNamara, will be in theaters April 13, 2018.  THe film stars Helen Hunt, Danika Yarosh and Erin Moriarty.


I always love a, inspirational story, and The Miracle Season doesn’t disappoint.  It is based on the inspiring true story of West High School girls’ volleyball team.  After the tragic death of the school’s star player, Caroline “Line” Found, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hope of winning the state championship.  Our military kids are resilient, like the girls’ volleyball team in the story, so it’s a film that goes straight to the heart.

THE MIRACLE SEASON Official Channels







Production Company: LD Entertainment

Distributor: LD Entertainment / Mirror

LD Entertainment is an independent film studio that finances the development and production of elevated and thoughtful films, television and theater. Founded in 2007 by veteran television and film executive Mickey Liddell, LD Entertainment has produced numerous award winning films covering all genres.

 LD’s recent films include the Academy Award nominated “Jackie”, starring Natalie Portman and directed by Pablo Larrain, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” starring Jessica Chastain and directed by Niki Caro, and “Megan Leavey” starring Kate Mara and directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. Past films include “Anthropoid”, with Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan, “The Grey” starring Liam Neeson, and “Risen” starring Joseph Fiennes and Cliff Curtis. LD’s also produced and received Oscar nominations for the poignant and complex films BIUTIFUL starring Javier Bardem and ALBERT NOBBS starring Glenn Close. LD recently received 6 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, for the Broadway hit “Dear Evan Hansen.”

Mirror is a theatrical releasing company that believes in allowing creators to maintain individuality with their brands while thoughtfully approaching marketing, publicity, and distribution.


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Hilton Helps Veterans

As Veterans Day approaches on Nov. 11, Hilton is looking to spread the word about a unique benefit it offers to veterans: free hotel stays for job-hunt related travel.

Here’s how it works: Veterans who need to travel for any job-related activity, in any industry, can register with their local employment office and receive 100,000 Hilton Honors Points to cover their lodging. Veterans most commonly use the program when they’re traveling out of town for interviews, trainings and certifications. Hilton partners with the National Association of State Workforce Agencies to donate Points throughout the year – and more than 1,100 veterans have benefitted from Hilton’s ~1.2 million Points donated to date.

The Points donation program is one of many ways Hilton is using its business of hospitality to support active duty military, veterans and their families. A few others include:

  • Discounted stays: Active and retired military and their families receive a 10% discount at all of Hilton’s 14 hotel brands
  • Military spouse career program: Hilton has developed dedicated career paths that accommodate the unique challenges military spouses and their families face. Military spouses often have trouble finding jobs when the family relocates. Hilton’s work-from-home program offers virtual training, remote working options that can relocate with employees, and flexible schedules for better work-life balance.


You can find more information here about Hilton’s Operation: Opportunity program and the company’s commitment to hire 20,000 veterans, spouses and dependents by 2020 (one of the largest in the U.S. private sector).

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Soldier’s Heart, Sending A Core Message to “Take A Stand for What’s Right”

In her debut single, storyteller/singer-songwriter AJ Duke takes the listener on a journey into the heart of some of America’s bravest.

Singer-songwriter, AJ Duke (, will release her debut single “Soldier’s Heart” in honor of Veteran’s Day on November 9th, 2017.  Written and performed by AJ, the single is the first song being released off her upcoming debut album, “Let Me Tell You a Story”, in which she sends a core message to American’s about “taking a stand for what’s right”.

“Soldiers Heart” is cumulative of the heroic acts that will never be known, the sacrifices these families make, and the heartbreak that they feel daily.  “I was initially inspired to write this album while I was sitting in my husband’s truck in the early hours of the morning, waiting for him to be done with his PT.  I heard the cadence of a ruck march nearby…the melodies and the words came from there.” shared AJ. “After sharing Soldier’s Heart with a broken, guarded, Vietnam Vet, I decided it was time to share this music, not for my sake, but for the sake of having more stories like that happen.”

Letting her words, inspired by military life throughout Northern California, South Korea, North Carolina, and Colorado, speak for themselves, “Soldier’s Heart” gives her audience a sense of what life is like for military members and their families.  A collection of songs that reflect on her husband’s career in the Special Forces, and her life as a military wife, shedding light on the realities military families face in modern-day America.

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