Conquering the Challenges of Military Life- Giveaway!

This is a post in collaboration with SimpliSafe

Some of the hardest parts about being in a military family are the expected, day-to-day challenges. There can also be such a level of uncertainty that military families face too. There are PCS moves, saying goodbye to your friends and family, parenting hardships, or even wondering whether you’ll be able to acclimate yourself to a new city or country. Aside from this though, there are things that military families can do in order to make the day-to-day a little easier. Here are a few tips:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It can be hard to do it alone sometimes, even more so for those with loved ones away or overseas. There’s no shame in asking for help, especially for families who are new to military life. One such place to go for help is Military OneSource. This site provides information on everything from counseling and family relationships, to education and on/off base living. There are also organizations who provide support for the children of military families. The Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, for example, focuses on the mental and physical health of children. They also hold an annual baby shower for military moms providing huge gift baskets to expecting military families. Get yourself involved in the community, network with other families, and be sure to keep an eye out for any and all resources available to you.

Give yourself peace of mind

Military families know the challenges that each other face, but it’s less often that outsiders have an idea. Luckily, there are companies who are getting involved and working alongside military families to provide some solutions. SimpliSafe, which is a home security company, has done a lot to understand military family life. They feel as though military families already have a laundry list of things to think and worry about, their own safety and security shouldn’t be one of them. This month, they’re even rewarding 50 families with one of their wireless security systems through their Military Family Giveaway. The systems are perfect for military families because unlike other ones that are wired into a home, you can take their wireless system with you if you ever have to relocate. If you have a military family you’d like to nominate to win one, head to this page here by November 21st.

Stay busy

Picking up a hobby or getting involved is the best way to stay positive during tough times and acclimate yourself to the military community. If you’re not close to family, this is a great way to make friends and find others to talk to who are going through the same things as you. Either way, spending time with friends and family is a great way to feel close to others, even when your loved ones are away. In your downtime, you could also consider taking up a program of study. The additional work will keep you busy, and it’s never a bad idea to continue/add on to your education. There are even several scholarships and grants specifically for military spouses.

Whatever you decide to do, know that you’re not alone in the challenges of military life. There are multiple online resources, companies and organizations, even individuals like yourself you are there to help.



About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a parenting coach, writer, teacher, special needs (Autism) mom, and much more.
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