Find Flexible, Portable Work That’s Right for You

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It’s difficult to balance work and family. No one seems to have found the mathematical solution to make all the pieces fit perfectly together. Having a spouse in the military with the transfers and moves that are part of military life can make it even more challenging to find work that fits your family’s needs.

I have a few friends who have faced that challenge. They moved to military bases with their husbands and had to find new jobs, and then they needed to find work again when their husbands were relocated. It takes an incredibly strong person to be able to juggle the usual chaos of raising children with moving and finding new work opportunities every few years. And, let’s be honest, those work opportunities need to be flexible when you’re single-parenting during deployments.

So what’s the solution? Portable work that can move with you. This includes flexible, remote work and the options are increasing. With technology making remote work easier and more seamless, more companies are flexing to keep their experienced workers even when they move. Virtual call centers, like LiveOps, contract with agents who work from home across the United States, making it easier to keep working when you move.

There are so many options for flexible, remote work and many of these are, or could be, portable work too. Whatever your skill set—customer service, marketing, sales, teaching, nursing—there is likely a remote work opportunity for you, and nearly any office job can be done remotely if your employer is flexible. You may just need to make the case for taking your work with you!

There’s also the option of becoming an entrepreneur, building your own independent business that moves with you. Do you have a gift for photography? Years of experience that could be applied as a consultant? Outstanding people skills to put to use in a virtual call center? Amazing creativity with baking or event planning? Teaching experience with the desire to do personal tutoring? The sky’s the limit. You can move your business with you, and if you already work remotely you may even be able to maintain your clients.

So how do you get started if you want to find a portable job or flexible work? Do your research. There are many legitimate work from home opportunities, and there are some opportunities to be wary of…those that promise you’ll get rich quick.

  • Look on established sites such as FlexJobs and Indeed.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau if you are unsure—you’ll be able to see complaints and resolutions.
  • Review any work-from-home opportunity carefully to make sure the work, schedule and company is the right fit for you.

Trying to find flexible work that fits your interests, skills, and lifestyle may seem overwhelming (especially on top of everything else that goes along with a move)—but you can do it. Finding the right portable work opportunity now could mean that you can take your work with you on the next move and have one less thing to worry about. Thank you for your devotion to our country. And best wishes in your search for flexible work opportunities!


Lisa Lozeau works on the Acquisition and Onboarding team at LiveOps. She helps connect talented individuals with independent contractor opportunities that allow them to work from home and provide professional call center services to LiveOps’ diverse client base. As a work-from-home mom herself, Lisa understands the value and importance of flexible work. She is passionate about helping people find greater work-life balance through professional work-from-home opportunities. For more information about LiveOps, please visit:



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Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a parenting coach, writer, teacher, special needs (Autism) mom, and much more.
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