Jianguo Artists Corner

On the weekend, the parking garages beneath the highway that leads downtown turn into a market of flowers and art and knickknacks.



Three markets stretch beneath the highway.  I don’t know the length of the markets but the flowers, crafts and people provide hours of visual and audible stimulation.

Jianguo Flower Market 建國假日花市

A few days ago, Horatio and I took the morning to stroll up and down the aisles of the markets.  My goal, aside from enjoying the beauty and entertainment of the market, was to get a new bracelet for the charm I wear every day.  When my grandmother, of blessed memory, passed away, a bracelet of linked flowers was dismantled and distributed to her granddaughters.  I like to wear it every day to carry a reminder of her strength and love with me, and the bracelet that I’d had made for it last year at this time was looking a bit dingy.  I knew that someone at the market would be able to help me.

After strolling up and down the long markets, Horatio and I returned to the very first stall of the Artists Corner, where we had seen this lovely woman creating a piece of jewelry.


After some back and forth conversation in Mandarin, and lots of gestures and pointing, Horatio and I conveyed what I desired:  a basic, but sturdy red string bracelet, that I can safely wear every day.

I watched, while in about ten minutes, she knotted a bracelet that securely holds my treasure from my grandma.




She charged us 100 NT$, a little more than $3 USD, and I walked away happy.



About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a parenting coach, writer, teacher, special needs (Autism) mom, and much more.
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One Response to Jianguo Artists Corner

  1. Marcie L says:

    What a beautiful bracelet to keep safe the momento from your grandmother. That market sounds so wonderful and unique!


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