Applying to College From Abroad, With Special Needs, Taking a Gap Year

Could it be more complicated?  Probably.

Am I grateful that we are able send our willing eldest child to college?  Of course.

Am I 100% overwhelmed?  You bet.


I hardly know where to start.  Zack needs to take the SAT and ACT tests in the fall, so I thought I’d start by getting him registered for those.  It’s an easy step.  Choose the dates, register and pay…  I’d get to cross that off of my To Do List and put the rest aside for a little bit, while feeling as if I’d accomplished something important.  Except the 2015-16 dates aren’t posted yet.

I closed the College Board tab on my computer and moved on to another step:  researching programs in the country of our next posting.  Nothing about the process is clear.  Will he be in a study abroad situation?  Will he apply to the international campus directly or to the US campus?  Do the international campuses offer any of the same courses of study as the US campuses?  The thought of my child 1000s of miles away from the rest of the family is almost too overwhelming to bear at the moment.


We want to find a school that offers some special service for students on the Autism Spectrum.  So, I started researching those.  I realize, though, that first we need to get Zack to decide what he wants to focus on and find a school that offers that course of study, in addition to some back up options, should he change his mind.  Ideally, we find this university actually has a campus where we’ll be posted and he can do two years there with us, then transfer to the US campus.  Is that too much to ask?

SATs, ACTs, SAT subject tests, Study Abroad, Gap Year, Special Programs…

Glass of wine


Thank you.


About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a writer, editor, teacher, and (Autism) mom.
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