Caliber Collision’s Military Support

Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” At Caliber Collision, they believe in using their talents to help others and give back to communities.

They have over 300 locations within the United States, and are determined to use their collision repair skills for military support. Many of their employees are veterans, and they have a heart for assisting military veterans and families.

Caliber is committed to joining together and using their talent to help the military…one vehicle at the time.

School carpool. Work. Grocery store. Dentist appointment. PTA meeting. Our daily lives are filled with so many activities that require transportation, and we understand the burden of not having a proper vehicle. Caliber is working to eliminate that stress from the lives of military veterans and families, and to accomplish this goal, they created Recycled Rides.

The Recycled Rides program is the pride of Caliber, and they are truly honored to have this program as a way to give back to military heroes. They restore vehicles and give them to military veterans and families. It truly is a labor of love for their team to refurbish these vehicles, and when they give the vehicles to the new owners, there is never a dry eye in the room.

In 2014, Caliber donated 20 vehicles through Recycled Rides, and in 2015, they have 25 scheduled vehicles. Currently, Recycled Rides is available in North Texas (Dallas) and Austin, TX, and you can nominate a deserving military hero on this nomination form.

Caliber understands the need of monetary support for our military heroes, but they are also committed to raising awareness. The participate in Carry the Load, a 27-day relay designed to raise awareness for fallen military, law enforcement, and rescue personnel.

Their team is walking the relay, which started in West Point, NY on April 28 and finishes in Dallas, TX, on May 24. Anyone can participate with Carry the Load during any leg, and the relay will travel through cities including Philadelphia, PA, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, and Little Rock, AR. At the end of the relay, Caliber is sponsoring the Dallas Memorial March in Dallas, TX, and the Austin Memorial March in Austin, TX, and both of these events are designed to restore the meaning of Memorial Day and help honor our military heroes.

Employment can be a challenge for anyone, and after leaving the military, many veterans struggle with their next step; whether it is finding the funds to complete their education or securing a job. The Caliber team understands this need, and they are actively working to assist veterans in this capacity. They have partnered with the 3M Hire our Heroes campaign to assist returning veterans in finding careers in the collision repair industry. Through this program, they are able to provide scholarships for those seeking employment in the auto body repair industry as well as rehabilitation for wounded veterans through Operation Comfort’s Automotivation program, designed to teach skills to veterans in a different way. Within Caliber, many locations seek to hire veterans.

At Caliber, the motto is to restore you to the rhythm of your life®, and even though they are not able to completely restore our military heroes’ lives, they are proud to serve them in any way we can. All of their locations participate in corporate military support programs, and many also contribute in local military support programs in their area. By using their collision repair skills, they have the opportunity to serve others and support our military heroes.

Carry the Load Relay map

CarrytheLoadMap Recycled Rides Van Recycled Rides

Army Veteran Samantha Kennedy, one of the Recycled Rides 2014 recipients

Also pictured: Caliber team who worked on Samantha’s vehicles

Samantha Carroll Samantha RR





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