Camp Sunshine Supports Military Families- Special Event With Navy SEALS August 21


Camp Sunshine is a retreat in Casco, Maine that provides respite and hope for children with rare and life-threatening illnesses and their families. Situated on a 27-acre campus on the shores of Sebago Lake, Camp Sunshine has welcomed families from 48 different states and 24 countries to its facilities to participate in a week of healing, growth, and relaxation so that they may go back out and fight their battles with renewed strength and energy.

Sebago Lake

Incredibly,  due to the generosity of its donors, the camp provides housing, meals, camp activities, and 24 hour on-site medical support for free to every single family that comes for a session. Having served over 40,000 family members in its 30 year existence, Camp Sunshine provides a wealth of information and resources for families who are struggling to make sense of life with a child with a rare and life-threatening illness. The camp is committed to providing families with lasting memories and allowing them to build a community with other families who are also traveling the journey with a child with a rare and life-threatening illness.

future Oncologist

 While Camp Sunshine has welcomed military families through its doors year after year, an exciting opportunity will now make this magical place a reality for even more! On August 21st, four active duty Navy SEALs will be swimming the 13 mile length of the lake where Camp Sunshine is located in the hopes of raising $80,000, enough to send 40 more military families to Camp Sunshine in the future. The evening following the swim, a gala dinner will be held at Camp Sunshine with an opportunity to meet the SEALs, followed by a keynote address from an honored guest.

For those interested in attending this event, more information can be found at, where there are options to purchase tables at the gala dinner as well as reserve a spot on the beach where the SEALs will finish their swim. In addition, donations can be made towards the SEALs for Sunshine event here, where they will be doubled by the New Balance Foundation as part of a $300,000 matching campaign they have with Camp Sunshine. As a reminder, all contributions for this event will go towards helping military families with a child with a rare and life-threatening illness experience the magic of Camp Sunshine. For families who believe they may qualify, information about Camp Sunshine’s programming can be found on their website, along with general information and testimonials.

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