Time to Order Holiday Cards

Every year, I procrastinate ordering holiday cards.  Last year, I even said I wasn’t going to send any because I was too overwhelmed by the tasks of getting all four boys in an acceptable picture, finding an affordable place to order the cards, organizing the list, addressing the cards and sending them out.  Once the cards from friends and family started arriving, though, my enthusiasm and holiday spirit motivated me and I sent cards out right around the New Year.

This year, Shindigz, the party planning website, contacted me, offering me the opportunity to get some cards through their site and write a review about them.  I jumped at the chance to get an early start.  I’d seen the site before.  They have a huge selection of fun party supplies, invitations, cards and favors.

The first hurdle I needed to overcome was getting a picture of the boys.  When they were younger, I fretted over getting them dressed in coordinated outfits and into a cute pose, all looking at the camera.  Now that they are older, I practically have to threaten them with bodily harm in order to get them to pose for a picture together.  (I’m mostly kidding.)  I’m happy if I get them all in one place in front of the camera.  So, I called around the house to get all four boys to come to sit for a picture.  Outside is the best place for lighting, so I told them to sit on the bench on our back deck.  Dwight asked if he could look off to the side, (in his too cool for school pose).  Not wanting to make an ordeal of the process, I said it was fine and the other three boys followed suit.  The result was surprisingly pleasing!

boys holiday

Thanks to my Dad for editing the photo for me. Visit RickRovakPhotography to see more.

The process of ordering the cards at Shindigz was quick and easy.  The selection is massive and the hardest part of the process was just deciding which of the great designs I wanted to use.  Once I made the selection, it was simple to add my image and text.  The package shipped quickly and I had my cards in a few days.  I highly recommend Shindigz for your cards this year.

shindigz cardI am very happy with the way our cards turned out.  Now I just have to get organized and send them out!

About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a writer, editor, teacher, and (Autism) mom.
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