It’s Time to Shop

As you know, dear readers, we are moving to Taiwan next summer.  One of the things this means is we will be, once again, living the oh so glamorous life of diplomats.  (Only a bit of sarcasm intended, in case it didn’t come across in the text.)

For me, this means it’s time to shop for dresses because we will have to attend dressy affairs quite often during our three years in the posting; sometimes once a week!  Not to mention our favorite event of the year, the Marine Corps birthday ball, which requires a floor length dress.  There is nothing quite like an elaborate ball celebrating the US Marines, who guard our embassies around the world and serve proudly across the globe, to make one feel proud to be an American, no matter where we might live at the time.

When we lived in China, I had my dresses made by a non English speaking, out of the way, tailor; but this time I want to buy well made, high quality dresses like the ones at the site I just discovered: DressFirst.  It is a three year posting, so I get to buy three dresses for the Marine Ball alone!  Parish the thought of wearing the same one twice… people would talk!

Marine ball background

Horatio and I enjoyed the first of our overseas Marine Corps Balls in 2006.  The dress was ok but not exactly what I had asked for, or hoped for, from our tailor in Beijing.

Until recently, I’d have dreaded the prospect of shopping for clothes for myself, but I recently lost 30 pounds and am now happy to buy size small dresses!

Since our youngest, Harold, started kindergarten in September, though, I started substitute teaching, and am currently working every day, so I don’t have time to run around from store to store.  I’ve always loved online shopping, though, so not being able to go brick and mortar stores is not a real sacrifice.

My style of choice is empire waist, as it is flattering to most any shape and size.  I’ve already got my eye on a red one and a soft pink one at DressFirst  for the Marine balls, and a great thing about the site is the dresses are all deeply discounted and shipping is free!

dress 1

dress 2We will often have to attend cocktail parties honoring National days of other countries.  I found a few dresses I like for these events, as well:

dress 3 dress 4The options are limitless.  I could spend hours browsing the site.  They even have a Kate Middleton style category that has some great selections for some afternoon ladies’ teas I know I’ll have to attend.  Plus they have categories where you can look at dresses which were inspired by celebrity dress choices and award show favorites!

I’m not happy about having to move again, but at least I can look at one of the up sides…  the shopping!

About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a parenting coach, writer, teacher, special needs (Autism) mom, and much more.
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