It’s Never Too Early to Think “Back to School”

As the mother of four school-aged children, thinking ahead is the only way I can stay sane when it comes to back to school shopping.  I’ve been shopping for school supplies for 11 years now and my methods continue to evolve every year.

Several years ago, when I had a seventh, fourth and first grader, I stood, supply lists in hand, paralyzed in the aisles of a big box store. The enormity of the lists and options totally overwhelmed me.  I left the store empty handed, went home and regrouped.  I knew I needed a strategy, so I took the time to figure it out.  I ended up shopping online.  I took each list and added the items to the cart, found a coupon code and in a matter of 15 minutes, I completed the task.


Now, we have a 1oth grader, 7th grader, 4th grader and a kindergartner.  The lists are long but with my shopping online strategy, the task is manageable.


This year, a laptop topped our list of school supplies.  Zack is turning 15 this month and his four year old laptop is starting to slow him down.  So, Horatio and I decided that a laptop for school and gaming would be a great birthday present.

We chose the Toshiba C855-S5350.  Its 15.6 inch screen is a great size and with the 640 GB hard drive, the laptop has plenty of room to load his favorite movies, music, and games.  Zack’s biggest complaint about his old laptop is that it is slow and the new one includes 6 GB of RAM, so it runs quickly and efficiently.


Like most teenagers, Zack likes to talk to friends using his microphone and earbuds, he is frequently online playing games and sometimes takes time out to work on school work.  The Toshiba connects to the Internet, wherever there’s a hotspot, with a wireless networking card.  It’s a great tool for getting things done even if he’s away from home.  This laptop comes equipped with ports for a number of accessories. Whether plugging  in  headphones, microphone, or connecting to a printer we are finding that the Toshiba C855-S5350 has plenty of ports.laptop 2The laptop came preinstalled with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Thanks to its easy-to-use start-up screen and quick search capability, Zack is able to find the programs he wants with the click of a mouse.  He can upload his favorite pictures, download music, and watch movies through Windows 8.

laptop 3

The Toshiba C855-S5350 we got from Staples is light weight, has an easy to use keyboard and runs well.  It really is a great laptop for all of Zack’s needs.


Full disclosure: provided me with this product for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of backpacks online.

About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a parenting coach, writer, teacher, special needs (Autism) mom, and much more.
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