Give Yourself a Break

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Hello, my name is Joe Higgins and I recently finished my latest book, Always Connected for Veterans: Deceased Vets Give Guidance From The Other Side. I wanted to share some of the insight that I have learned from this unusual source in order to hopefully bring some peace and understanding to those in need.

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For those who might not understand or believe in the concept of my gift I think you will recognize some of the observations and agree that some might gain healing with this knowledge. In this case you might want to overlook the source and focus on the information. For those who are more open to the concept, I think you will find that there is really a bigger picture to life as we all imagined. And it all comes down to perspective.

What I learned the most about the situations of war and conflict from the other side is how a solider or loved ones perspective “gets it” when they cross over. We can think we have it figured out, but really we don’t, not until it’s our time.

One of the biggest example of things that came thru multiple times is the concept of self-judgment. For the civilians at home as well as the soldier overseas the use of self-judgment within the environment of war become very skewed. One tends to questions decisions made at a higher level than outside this situation. This self-judgment can bring on added stress that is not necessary, especially with everything else going on in your lives.

You are trying to deal with situations inside a special environment, (deployment), with what you think are the right choices during a normal period of your life. As they like to say to us from the other side, “Give yourself a break”. You have enough on your plate without being the judge, jury and executioner of yourself.

This wise insight can also and should be utilized when a loved one returns home. Just because a deployment has ended, doesn’t mean the environment is back to earlier days. You are still in a special environment, different than a deployment, but still a special environment. When everyone, (spouses, family members and friends), realize this they can begin to understand the range of emotions and actions that might take place, and deal with them more appropriately.

The reason for writing Always Connected for Veterans: Deceased Vets Give Guidance From The Other Side, was to gain insight into some of the most frequently ask questions veterans and their families have asked since the beginning of time and therefore bring healing and peace to those in need.

I wanted to ask tough questions, such as Who Are You When You Return From War?

Why Am I Alive And Not Them? Will I Ever Find Peace? How Will God Judge Me?

The need today is immense in trying to find ways to help those with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual injuries. So it is important for us to look at this new perspective, given to us from those who have experienced it and passed over. It just might help save some lives as we all look for answers we won’t find from our older way of looking at things.

Joseph M Higgins,

Author of Always Connected For Veterans: Deceased Vets Give Guidance From The Other Side.


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Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a writer, editor, teacher, and (Autism) mom.
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