Freeze Your Eggs

Guest Post:

Did you know that you can freeze your own eggs?

I am writing this as a public service for women everywhere, especially women my age who don’t know all of the fertility options available to them! You see, every once in a while I will be talking to a girl friend who is really unsure as to whether or not she wants children. Every time this topic comes up, I always suggest freezing your own eggs. Every time I say this, I always get the same response, “Can you freeze eggs?!?” While I wish I could point them to a website, and tell them to find out more information here, most of the time we are not near a computer when these conversations take place!

Many women, including most of my friends, don’t know about egg freezing, and if they have heard of it they really do not know much about it. Egg freezing is a way for young women to hold off the decision of whether or not they want to have children. You can freeze your eggs now, and have them implanted via IVF later in life, if you so choose. If eventually you do decide you do not want to have children, you then have the option to donate those eggs that you have had frozen.

Egg freezing isn’t just for young women who can’t decide, it is also for women who don’t yet have a partner, women who are pursuing a career, or women who will be undergoing chemotherapy or other medical procedures that may compromise your eggs.

Egg freezing is a way for all women to preserve their genetics, and ensure they will be able to have genetic children one day – no matter the circumstances. Frozen eggs can be carried by you, or you can opt to have a surrogate carry your implanted eggs for you.

Egg freezing isn’t for everyone, and that is what I always tell my friends! But for women whose biological clock is ticking in their ear, and they still can’t make a choice – egg freezing is a viable option to ensure the choice of genetic children is available when they finally do decide if motherhood is for them.



About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a parenting coach, writer, teacher, special needs (Autism) mom, and much more.
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One Response to Freeze Your Eggs

  1. Great information! I have to admit that when I saw the title I got sorta excited thinking you were gonna tell us how to freeze chicken eggs. LOL….


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