Shop ’til You Drop

I’ve said before, that I like to shop online.  Often, it’s out of convenience.  Let’s face it, getting out to 3 different stores to buy things we need isn’t always possible.  There are times I’m so busy taking care of everything the boys need that I don’t even empty the dishwasher for 3 days; so going to one store to buy Dwight golf shirts now that he’s has grown into the next size, a second store for the book Zack needs for eighth grade English and a third to buy a small wet vac so that I can be prepared if our house is hit by the stomach virus working its way through the preschool and elementary school; is just not feasible.  Sometimes, thought, it is plain old retail therapy.

Online shopping is at an all time high and the choices and assistance at sites are fantastic.  One of my favorite parts of shopping online, after the convenience and selection, is the element of double enjoyment. The shopping itself is fun and just like in a store, there’s a certain “high” that comes from actually making the purchase.  Then, a few days later, the package arrives at my door and I get to enjoy it all over again!

Perhaps the best part, in my opinion, is the ability to take my time while I make my decision.  I can look at reviews on several sites and compare prices at several stores before clicking “check out” at any given site.

I recently learned about a site called where I can really find the products I want and compare prices at all different sites.  I just put the item I want into the site’s search engine and it comes up with a list of stores that carry the item and the prices.

I needed to buy some shoes for the boys so I searched chacos for cheap and found a huge selection and lots of options.  The boys want to have a lemonade stand this summer.  They have entrepreneurial aspirations, so I searched cash registers for sale cheap and got a long list of options, surprisingly.  (More on that later.)  Finally, so that I can watch the boys make their fortune for a distance, I looked to buy an inexpensive chaise lounge.

I thoroughly research the purchases I make so that the money is well spent.  These days, online shopping is easier and more productive than ever.

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About Commander in Chief At home

Erin is a military spouse and, sometimes temporarily single mom to 4 boys. She's a writer, editor, teacher, and (Autism) mom.
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